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by Nikolaj Møller


Deep in the Amazon jungle, we meet the Danish war veteran Henrik. After returning from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder he underwent several failed treatment attempts. As a last resort, he has travelled to Peru trying to cure himself with plant medicine, including the world’s most hallucinogenic drink, Ayahuasca. We set out on a journey into the darkness of the mind and the jungle, as we follow Henrik’s fight throughout three years. The film gives a unique close up on a broken human being, who carries a strong hope of conquering his trauma and returning to life. A man let down by the same society he tried to protect, on a journey that doesn’t cure him the way he had hoped.

international title: The Soldier
original title: The Soldier
country: Denmark
sales agent: DR TV International Sales
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Nikolaj Møller
film run: 58'
film editing: Jakob Juul Toldam
music: Sophia Maj
producer: Lina Flint
executive producer: Henrik Zein
production: Nordisk Film Spring
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