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by Annabel Verbeke


In the North-West of the isle of Ireland, the border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK runs in the middle of a beautiful glacial fjord, the Carlingford Lough. The Carlingford Ferry crosses the Carlingford Lough on a daily basis, bringing people from one side to the other. We meet several characters from North and South, with different points of view, making this soothing journey through the magnificent, green Irish landscape. The short journey is breaking the rush of the day and provokes moments of inner reflection while crossing the invisible border, deep down in the lough. The film explores the concept of identity and community on an isle divided by not one, but 2 borders: a physical one between the UK and Ireland, and mental border between seemingly incompatible opinions on the role and signification of the border. Opinions that often tend to change when personal factors surpass the ideological. The water between each side may be very deep, they all have the unpredictable weather in common. But does the local expression '4 seasons in one day' only reflect on the weather?

international title: Four Seasons in a Day
original title: Four Seasons in a Day
country: Belgium, Norway, Croatia
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Annabel Verbeke
film run: 75'
screenplay: Annabel Verbeke, Frederik Nicolaï
cinematography by: Daniel Kötter
film editing: Simon Arazi
music: Frédéric Vercheval
producer: Eric Goossens, Frederik Nicolaï
co-producer: Karl Emil Rikardsen, Lukas Trimonis, Ljubo Zdjelarevic
production: Off World, Relation04 Media AS, Kinoteka
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