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by Eran Kolirin


Sami lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kid. An invitation to his brother’s wedding forces him to return to the Arabic village where he grew up. After the wedding, with no explanation, the village is put under lockdown by Israeli soldiers. Chaos rises overnight amongst those stuck within the walls. Cut off from the outside world, trapped in an unexpected situation, Sami watches as everything falls apart.

international title: Let It Be Morning
original title: Vayehi Boker
country: Israel, France
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Eran Kolirin
film run: 101'
release date: FR 30/03/2022
screenplay: Eran Kolirin
cast: Alex Bakri, Salim Daw, Khalifa Natour, Samer Bisharat, Yara Jarrar, Juna Suleiman, Ehab Elias Salami, Izabel Ramadan, Doraid Liddawi
cinematography by: Shai Goldman
film editing: Arik Lahav-Leibovich, Haim Tabakman
production: Les Films du Poisson, Dori Media (IL)
distributor: Pyramide Distribution
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