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by Gábor Fabricius


1983, behind the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe in Budapest. Frank is the charismatic singer of a banned punk band that carries the voice of their generation against a totalitarian regime. Taken by the police psychiatric hospital in an attempt to silence him, Frank will sacrifice everything to resist.

international title: Erasing Frank
original title: Eltörölni Frankot
country: Hungary
sales agent: Totem Films
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Gábor Fabricius
film run: 99'
screenplay: Gábor Fabricius
cast: Benjamin Fuchs, Kincső Blénes, Andrea Waskovich, István Lénárt, Pál Frenák, Zsigmond Gerlóczy, Péter Iványi, Zsolt Zayzon
cinematography by: Tamás Dobos
film editing: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Wanda Kiss
art director: Dorka Kiss, Gábor Fabricius
costumes designer: Judit Sinkovics
producer: Gábor Fabricius, Tamás Barna
production: Otherside Stories

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