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by Ameer Fakher Eldin


In a small village in the occupied Golan Heights, the life of a desperate unlicensed doctor, who is going through an existential crisis, takes another unlucky turn when he encounters a man wounded in the war in Syria. Overturning all community expectations in times of war and national crisis, he ventures forth to meet his newly found destiny.

international title: The Stranger
original title: Al Garib
working title: Passerby
country: Syria, Germany, Palestine, Qatar
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Ameer Fakher Eldin
film run: 112'
screenplay: Ameer Fakher Eldin
cast: Ashraf Barhoum, Amal Kais, Mohammad Bakri, Amer Hlehel, Hitham Omari, Mahmoud Abu Jazi, Elham Araf, Cila Abusaleh
cinematography by: Niklas Lindschau
film editing: Ameer Fakher Eldin
art director: Bashar Hassuneh
costumes designer: Hamada Atallah
music: Rami Nakhle
producer: Tony Copti, Jiries Copti, Dorothe Beinemeier
co-producer: Moayad Dib, Fayçal Hassairi, Anas Azrak, Ahmad Zalabieh
associate producer: Gwen G. Wynne, Carol Ann Shine
production: Red Balloon

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