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by Emanuel Pârvu


One day, teenager Magda offers her expensive necklace to a sick child in the hospital she volunteers for- her father is certain she is lying again. When she proves her innocence, he is ashamed and guilty but also incapable to admit he was wrong. Relationships are now broken and in chaos, and past decisions have irreversible outcome. Second feature film by its director.

international title: Mikado
original title: Marocco
country: Romania, Czech Republic
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Emanuel Pârvu
film run: 96'
release date: RO 7/10/2022
screenplay: Emanuel Pârvu
cast: Şerban Pavlu, Ana Indricau, Crina Semciuc
production: FAMart Productions
backing: Romanian National Film Center - Centrul Național al Cinematografiei

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