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by Máté Kőrösi


Szani, Tina and Emese: or as they call themselves, the Divas are three twenty-year-old girls who can talk for hours about makeup, clothes, or profile pictures. Máté, a young director, enters the scene, following them with his camera until their graduation, to find out what is hidden behind their perfect makeup. Meanwhile they learn from each other, they all make a step towards adulthood.

international title: Divas
original title: Divas
country: Hungary
sales agent: Reservoir Docs
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Máté Kőrösi
film run: 80'
screenplay: Eszter Angyalosy, Pál Gáspár Gelléri, Máté Kőrösi, Alexandra Láng
film editing: Alexandra Láng
music: Márk Bartha
producer: Borbála Csukás
executive producer: Hanka Kastelicova, Kata Oláh, Anna Závorszky
production: Makabor Studio, HBO Hungary

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