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by Janko Baljak


A road movie documentary through half-a-century of filmmaking by Želimir Žilnik, ŽŽŽ (Journal about Želimir Žilnik) ​is also a journey through the history of Yugoslavia, a country that no longer exists. With the specific style of docudrama that he built over the course of his work, Žilnik managed to remain engaged, brave and above all free by making low-budget films for decades. We follow the efforts of his team to finish the film FREEDOM OR COMICS, which was seized by censors fifty years ago and was recently discovered. This is the story of the uninterrupted struggle of disenfranchised social and minority groups, who are always the main heroes of Žilnik's films.

international title: ŽŽŽ (Journal about Želimir Žilnik)
original title: ŽŽŽ (Journal about Želimir Žilnik)
country: Serbia
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Janko Baljak
film run: 90'
screenplay: Janko Baljak
cinematography by: Jovan Milinov
film editing: Aleksandra Milovanovic
music: Predrag Vranešević
producer: Sinisa Bokan
production: Arbos

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