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by Fabien Gorgeart


Anna lives with her husband, her two sons and Simon, a child placed at their house by Child Care Services when he was just 18 months old and is now aged 6. One day, Simon’s father expresses the desire to get his child back. It is heartbreaking, but Anna knows she must help Simon to return to his father…

international title: A Family for 1640 Days
original title: La Vraie Famille
country: France
sales agent: Le Pacte
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabien Gorgeart
film run: 102'
screenplay: Fabien Gorgeart
cast: Mélanie Thierry, Lyes Salem, Félix Moati, Gabriel Pavie
cinematography by: Julien Hirsch
film editing: Damien Maestraggi
producer: Marie Dubas, Jean des Forêts
production: Deuxième Ligne Films, Petit Films
distributor: Le Pacte

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