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by Rasmus Dinesen


The Faroe Islands are an ancient microcosmos of exciting products, Nordic history, tales, 37 words for fog and even more for fermentation, a thriving seafood industry, ravishing waterfalls, eccentric personalities, a native tongue, and the culinary pearl: KOKS. How is it possible to run a top restaurant like this at the end of the world? Prior to covid-19, people took immense detours to dine at this eatery serving food sourced from just 500 square miles of produce, in a rugged terrain and where the climate is subpolar, windy, wet, cloudy, and cold, with average temperatures close to freezing throughout the year, everlasting light in summer and a scorching darkness all through winter. In Nordic by Nature we dive into the poetic mind of young Faroese chef Poul Andrias Ziska, and seek to find the traditions, history and distinctive ancient practices that lie beneath the world's most remote fine dining experience.

international title: Michelin Stars II: Nordic by Nature
original title: Michelin Stars II: Nordic by Nature
country: Denmark, Spain
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Rasmus Dinesen
film run: 65'
screenplay: Rasmus Dinesen, Kristian Brask Thomsen, Jesper Jarl Becker
cinematography by: Jesper Jarl Becker, Rasmus Dinesen
film editing: Klaus de León Heinecke, Martin Munck Schmidt
music: Nikolaj Torp Larsen
producer: Jesper Jarl Becker
production: Sweet & Savoury Film Company, Bon Vivant Communications
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