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by Dario Albertini


Gioia has just turned 18. She lives with her father Bruno in a small rural village where she works as a shepherdess. Radiant and generous, she takes care of her community by collecting and delivering everyday a few liters of the “Miraculous” spring thermal water, well-known among them for its therapeutic properties. One day, her life is turned upside down by the discovery of her father’s gambling addiction. To try and help him, Gioia is willing to follow him far away, in a city she doesn’t know, where Bruno gets treated in a specialized center. Gioia’s life is radically changed: she abandons the safety of the village, her friends, her daily life, finding herself alone in her attempt to support Bruno’s change.

original title: Anima bella
country: Italy
sales agent: Le Pacte
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Dario Albertini
film run: 95'
screenplay: Dario Albertini, Simone Ranucci
cast: Madalina Di Fabio, Luciano Miele, Piera Degli Esposti, Enzo Casertano, Paola Lavini, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Antonio Noto, Alessandra Scirdi, Adelaide Di Fabio, Pietro Turano
cinematography by: Giuseppe Maio
film editing: Desideria Rayner
art director: Alessandra Ricci
costumes designer: Martina Merlino
music: Dario Albertini
producer: Angelo Barbagallo, Matilde Barbagallo
production: BiBi Film, Elsinore Film
distributor: Cinemateca di Bologna
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