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by Mario Martone


When her elderly mother dies - apparently happy but in curious circumstances - her daughter travels home to Naples for the funeral. Staying on, she tries to piece together her mother's recent life. In doing so she starts to confront childhood memories that shaped the family history.

international title: Nasty Love
original title: L'amore molesto
country: Italy
year: 1995
genre: fiction
directed by: Mario Martone
film run: 104'
release date: IT 12/04/1995, FR 23/05/1995, NL 21/03/1996, BE 01/05/1996, FI 12/07/1996, UK 30/08/1996, DK 10/01/1997, PT 29/10/1998
screenplay: Mario Martone
cast: Anna Bonaiuto, Angela Luce, Gianni Cajafa, Peppe Lanzetta, Licia Maglietta, Anna Calato, Italo Celoro, Carmela Pecoraro, Lina Polito, Enzo De Caro, Francesco Paolantoni
cinematography by: Luca Bigazzi
film editing: Jacopo Quadri
art director: Giancarlo Muselli
costumes designer: Metella Raboni
producer: Angelo Curti, Andrea Occhipinti, Kermit Smith

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