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by Michael Borodin


A supermarket in a Moscow suburb is the heart of darkness for the Uzbek "employees" who work there around the clock and are threatened, abused and imprisoned. Mukhabbat escapes and reveals the vicious circle of modern slavery.

international title: Convenience Store
original title: Produkty 24
country: Russia, Slovenia, Turkey
sales agent: Heretic Outreach
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Michael Borodin
screenplay: Michael Borodin
cast: Zukhara Sanzysbay, Lyudmila Vasilieva, Tolibjon Suleymanov, Nargis Abdullaeva
cinematography by: Ekaterina Smolina
producer: Artem Vasilyev
production: Metrafilms (RU)

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