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by Miloš Pušić


The Professor and a group of illegal construction workers, left without money and basic rights, try to fight their bosses by all means they have left. Their bosses are building a huge "Potemkin's village" intending to steal money from a development fund. As they are approaching the deadline the stakes increase. What was once a simple construction job becomes a fight for life and death.

international title: Working Class Heroes
original title: Heroji radnicke klase
country: Serbia
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Miloš Pušić
film run: 85’
screenplay: Ivan Knežević, Miloš Pušić, Dušan Spasojević
cast: Boris Isaković, Jasna Đuričić, Stefan Beronja, Predrag Momcilovic, Bojana Milanovic, Aleksandar Djurica, Mihajlo Pleskonjic, Ervin Hadzimurtezic, Filip Djuric, Marko Vasiljevic
art director: Miljena Vuckovic
costumes designer: Marina Sremac

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