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by Anders Emblem


Asta is a journalist in Ålesund who seems plunged in a melancholic state, for a reason we discover bit by bit. Her supportive girlfriend refurbishes design chairs and plays the keyboard, while their kitten wanders around the house. One day, Asta reads a story in a newspaper about an asylum-seeker who is being forcefully evicted from Norway after having lived and worked a decade in the country. Gradually, Asta becomes more involved in learning about the case, and she has to find her position - both in her work and in her personal life.

international title: A Human Position
original title: A Human Position
country: Norway
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Anders Emblem
film run: 78'
screenplay: Anders Emblem
cast: Amalie Ibsen Jensen, Maria Agwumaro, Lars Halvor Andreassen
cinematography by: Michael Mark Lanham
film editing: Anders Emblem
music: Eirik Slinning Korsnes
producer: Stian Skjelstad, Anders Emblem

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