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by Carmine Elia, Milena Cocozza, Ivan Silvestrini


Naples: still an organized crime stronghold. For many teenagers, doing time is part of their "job". Yet Filippo and Carmine never imagined themselves to go down this path. Filippo, who comes from a well-off family from the North, has dreams of becoming a musician. Carmine, from a Camorra family, wants to become a famous hairdresser instead of taking up the family business. Both of them have committed serious crimes, their dreams cut short as their freedom is taken away. Will they be strong enough to oppose the attacks from fellow detainee Ciro, the young, up-and-coming crime boss? What chances are there for young love, as Filippo falls for female inmate Naditza? Though the prison's director Paola and correctional officer Massimo still try hard to help these "flawed" kids, the boys and girls behind bars are often left to fend for themselves. What they share though is a beautiful view over the sea promising a future in which their dreams may come true.

international title: The Sea Beyond
original title: Mare fuori
country: Italy
sales agent: Beta Film
year: 2020
genre: series
directed by: Carmine Elia, Milena Cocozza, Ivan Silvestrini
screenplay: Maurizio Careddu, Cristiana Farina, Peppe Fiore, Luca Monesi, Paolo Piccirillo
cast: Matteo Paolillo, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Nicolas Maupas, Giacomo Giorgio, Carmen Pommella, Clotilde Esposito, Artem, Giuseppe Brunetti
production: Picomedia, Rai Fiction
distributor: RAIPlay

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