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by Einari Paakkanen


Finns are not known as the most outgoing people in the world. But once the karaoke machine is fired up, get ready for a mic drop! Perhaps that is why karaoke culture has unexpectedly taken off in the cold north, where people warm up with pop classics in each other’s company. ‘There are a lot of lonely people in Finland. But when you sing, someone always comes up and talks,’ as one of them says during Einari Paakkanenen’s heartwarming and quirky feel-good film, in which a lovable cast of characters of lonely souls find company and solace in front of the microphone.

international title: Karaoke Paradise
original title: Karaokeparatiisi
country: Finland
year: 2022
genre: documentary
directed by: Einari Paakkanen
producer: Marianne Mäkelä
production: napafilms

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