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by Virginie Brac


Freshly released from prison three months ago, Cheyenne cleans ferries while dreaming of running off to Amazonia. Lola is a stunning, selfish Parisian with no scruples who shows up in the North of France to move in with her lover. When Lola kills her sweetheart's wife, Cheyenne, an involuntary witness, knows she will be accused of the murder due to her record. She is obliged to seek help from the local crime lord to get rid of the body. A favour that will sweep the two women into a dangerous game of duplicity, all the while allowing them to make a fortune behind everyone's back.

international title: Cheyenne & Lola
original title: Cheyenne & Lola
country: France, Belgium
year: 2020
genre: series
created by: Virginie Brac
directed by: Eshref Reybrouck
screenplay: Virginie Brac, Fanny Talmone
cast: Veerle Baetens, Charlotte Le Bon, Patrick d'Assumçao, Alban Lenoir, Lubna Azabal, Sophie-Marie Larrouy, Natalia Dontcheva
production: Orange Studio, Scope Pictures, Lincoln TV
distributor: OCS

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