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by Hilal Baydarov


Musa, a law student seeks out Davud, a man imprisoned for kidnapping four women. He soon discovers that all of his victims have no wish to press charges. On the contrary, they have the feeling of a new truth in themselves. Musa's encounter with the purported criminal becomes a journey into someone else's inner world. Are the questions he asks the correct ones? Is the law a genuine form of justice? What is the meaning of humans imposing punishment on others? Is Musa being enlightened by a superior man, or is he being lured into a world of illusion?

international title: Crane Lantern
original title: Durna Çırağı
country: Azerbaijan, Mexico, United States
sales agent: MPM Premium
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Hilal Baydarov
film run: 101'
screenplay: Hilal Baydarov
cast: Orkhan Iskandarli, Elshan Abbasov, Huseyn Nasirov
cinematography by: Hilal Baydarov
film editing: Hilal Baydarov
music: Kanan Rustamli
producer: Hilal Baydarov, Elshan Abbasov, Carlos Reygadas
production: Ucqar Film (AZ), Estudios Splendor Omnia (MX), Louverture Films (US)

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