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by Luis De Filippis


After being fired from her job, Ren, an aspiring writer and mid-twenty-something, accompanies her Canadian-Italian family on vacation. The realities of being a stunted millennial and a trans woman coalesce as Ren struggles to balance the yearning for independence with the comfort of being taken care of.

international title: Something You Said Last Night
original title: Something You Said Last Night
country: Canada, Switzerland
sales agent: Memento International
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Luis De Filippis
film run: 96'
screenplay: Luis De Filippis
cast: Carmen Madonia, Ramona Milano, Paige Evans, Joey Parro
cinematography by: Norm Li
film editing: Noemi Katharina Preiswerk
art director: Matthew Bianchi
costumes designer: Mara Zigler
music: Ella van der Woude
producer: Jessica Adams, Michael Graf, Harry Cherniak, Rhea Plangg, Michela Pini, Luis De Filippis
executive producer: Francesca Silvestri, Kevin Chinoy, Andrew Adams, Jennifer Konawal, Omar Chalabi, Charlie Hidalgo
production: Cinedokke, JA Productions (CA)
backing: Eurimages

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