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by Maria Elorza


A woman was almost called Avioneta (Small Airplane) at birth. Another had a library in the back seat of her car. Yet another fractured her finger with the rebel shelves of her bookcase. Lectors read to cigar makers while they work. Women remember poems while they iron. And to them all I sing. Standing against fire, water, moths, dust, ignorance and fanaticism, an anonymous female army looks after books. An intimate resistance, lacking epic events, revolution or weapons.

international title: To Books and Women I Sing
original title: A los libros y a las mujeres canto
country: Spain
year: 2022
genre: documentary
directed by: Maria Elorza
film run: 72'
screenplay: Maria Elorza
cinematography by: Maria Elorza
film editing: Maria Elorza
producer: Marian Fernández Pascal, Koldo Almandoz
production: Txintxua Films

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