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by Robin Pront


Zillion tells the epic story of the rise and fall of the country's biggest disco ever. In an age when 'the sky was the limit', in a universe where sex & drugs, techno and most of all loads of money circulate freely, the protagonists go is search of fame and kicks, alongside respect and love. The stuff money can't buy.

original title: Zillion
country: Belgium, Netherlands
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Robin Pront
release date: BE 26/10/2022
screenplay: Kevin Meul, Robin Pront
cast: Charlotte Timmers, Geert Van Rampelberg, Ella Leyers, Matteo Simoni, Ward Kerremans, Barbara Sarafian, Jennifer Heylen, Patrycja Pulit, Stilian Keli, Dirk Roofthooft
cinematography by: Robrecht Heyvaert
film editing: Bert Jacobs
art director: Geert Paredis
costumes designer: Catherine Van Bree
producer: Hilde De Laere
production: FBO, Woestijnvis, Millstreet Films
distributor: Kinepolis Film Distribution

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