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by Ivan Gergolet


Trieste, a town on the Adriatic coast, at the border between Italy and Slovenia. Angela is a fifty-year-old widow. Her husband died of lung cancer caused by the asbestos dust he had inhaled as a worker. Angela works as a cleaner in the hospital. She finds out that Francesco, the former employer of her husband, has been hospitalised due to a brain stroke. There she meets Francesco’s son, who is impressed by Angela’s pleasant manners and, unaware of the connection between the two, offers her work as his father’s caregiver once he gets discharged. As Francesco has avoided a conviction, Angela accepts the offer to punish him, but she soon realises that she is unable to hurt him. Consumed by anger, she decides to separate the father and son to condemn Francesco to loneliness, putting at risk everything she has left: the relationship with her daughter and her best friend as well as her integrity as a woman. All her actions turn against her like a boomerang, but when everything seems lost, Angela discovers that the deep darkness that she has succumbed to contains an unexpected truth. When the executioner becomes her own victim, revenge can transform into forgiveness and a new beginning is possible.

international title: The Man Without Guilt
original title: The Man Without Guilt
country: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Ivan Gergolet
film run: 112'
screenplay: Ivan Gergolet
cast: Valentina Canelutti, Branko Zavrsan, Enrico Inserra, Livia Rossi
cinematography by: Debora Vrizzi
film editing: Natalie Cristiani
art director: Marco Juratovec
costumes designer: Gilda Venturini
music: Luca Ciut
producer: Miha Černec, Boris T. Matić, Lana Matic, Igor Prinčič, Jožko Rutar
executive producer: David Cej
production: Staragara Productions, Transmedia, Propeler Film

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