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by Leon Schwitter


Benny joins his distant father Michael on a vacation trip to the mountains. During their stay Benny slowly realizes that his father has turned his back on civilization and wants to protect him from the outside world.

international title: Retreat
original title: Réduit
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Alief LLC
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Leon Schwitter
film run: 82'
screenplay: Leon Schwitter, Michael Karrer
cast: Dorian Heiniger, Peter Hottinger
cinematography by: Robin Angst
film editing: Michael Karrer
art director: Jacopo Giulini, Vicky Sara Ramsay
costumes designer: Jeanne Vera Bourguignon, Rebecca Zesiger
music: Hora Lunga
producer: Caroline Hepting, Leon Schwitter, Rea Televantos
co-producer: Michael Karrer
production: EXIT Filmkollektiv GmbH, Sabotage Filmkollektiv GmbH

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