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by Leïla Kilani


On the hills of Tangier, in the midst of the forest, stands a decrepit ancestral home: La Mansouria. Lina lives there with her father Anis, her grandmother Amina, and the “good” Chinwiya, the young maid.. Amina has gathered the family to organize a wedding, but her real motive is to convince the relatives to accept a very rich offer on the estate from a developer. But Anis refuses to sell. He wants to donate his share of the property to create a perpetual sanctuary for the birds that he and Lina love. Then, a mysterious fire comes and birds rain into the forest.

international title: Birdland
original title: Indivision
country: Morocco, France
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Leïla Kilani
film run: 127'
release date: FR 24/04/2024
screenplay: Leïla Kilani
cast: Ifham Mathet, Ikram Layachi, Bahia Boutia El Oumani, Mustafa Shimdat, Jaafar Brigui
cinematography by: Eric Devin
film editing: Tina Baz
art director: Emmanuel Barrault
music: Michel Deneuve, Wilkimix
producer: Leïla Kilani
production: DKB Productions, Socco Chico Films (MA)

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