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by Diego Llorente


Marta loves her new life in Madrid with boyfriend Leo, but when a trip home for the summer reawakens an old romance, she begins to question her choices.

international title: Notes on a Summer
original title: Notas sobre un verano
country: Spain
sales agent: Patra Spanou Film
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Diego Llorente
film run: 83'
screenplay: Diego Llorente
cast: Katia Borlado, Antonio Araque, Álvaro Quintana, Rocío Suárez
cinematography by: Adrián Hernández
film editing: Diego Llorente
art director: Inés F. Argüelles
producer: Diego Llorente, Rubén G. Revilla
production: Failo Cine

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