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by Jean-Bernard Marlin


Djibril is a young Comorian living in a troubled district of Marseille. A member of the Grasshoppers, he is in love with Camillla, a Roma girl member of rival gang, the Crickets. When she tells him she’s pregnant, Djibril tells her to have an abortion, in order to avoid all-out gang war. But the murder of one of his friends before his eyes ignites the two projects. Traumatised, Djibril slips little by little into madness. Convinced that his neighbourhood has been cursed, he resolves to keep his child, whatever the price: only she can save them all from chaos.

international title: Salem
original title: Salem
country: France
sales agent: Goodfellas
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean-Bernard Marlin
film run: 118'
release date: FR 29/05/2024
screenplay: Jean-Bernard Marlin
cast: Dalil Abdourahim, Oumar Moindjie, Wallenn El Gharbaoui, Maryssa Bakoum, Rachid Ousseni, Amal Issihaka Hali, Inès Bouzid
cinematography by: Jonathan Ricquebourg
film editing: Nicolas Desmaison
art director: Laurie Colson
costumes designer: Caroline Spieth
music: Krister Linder
producer: Bruno Nahon, Thomas Morvan, Jean-Bernard Marlin, Romain Daubeach
production: Unité, Vatos Locos Productions, France 2 Cinéma
distributor: Ad Vitam

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