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by Damien Manivel


Rosa and her gang have decided to spend the night on “the island”, a stretch of beach that has become their kingdom. It’s the last evening of the summer, the summer of our eighteenth birthdays, the time to experience everything, the time to say goodbye.

international title: The Island
original title: L'Île
country: France
sales agent: The Open Reel
year: 2023
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Damien Manivel
film run: 73'
screenplay: Damien Manivel, Julien Dieudonné
cast: Damoh Ikhetah, Olga Milshtein, Ninon Botz, Youn Berder, Jules Danger, Celeste Duménil, Rosa Berder
film editing: Damien Manivel
music: Damien Manivel
producer: Damien Manivel
production: MLD Films
distributor: Météore Films

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