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by Martín Rejtman


Gustavo and Vanessa separate and have to revise their projects together. Both are yoga teachers. Gustavo is Argentinian, Vanessa is Chilean. The trip to India is cancelled.Vanessa takes the apartment and leaves the studio they shared, leaving Gustavo homeless. As a result of the accumulated stress, Gustavo injures his knee and replaces yoga: first with quadriceps exercises and then with the gym. But gradually he gets his life back on track and starts practising again.​

international title: The Practice
original title: La práctica
country: Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Germany
sales agent: Visit Films, LLC (US)
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Martín Rejtman
film run: 90'
screenplay: Martín Rejtman
cast: Esteban Bigliardi, Mirta Busnelli, Manuela Oyarzún, Camila Hirane, Gabriel Cañas
cinematography by: Hugo Azevedo
film editing: Federico Rotstein
costumes designer: Flora Caligiuri
music: Santiago Motorizado
producer: Jerónimo Quevedo, María Victoria Marotta
co-producer: Giancarlo Nasi, Joaquim Sapinho, Marta Alves, Christoph Friedel, Claudia Steffen
production: Rosa Filmes, Pandora Filmproduktion, Un Puma (AR), Quijote Films (CL)

Photogallery 25/09/2023: San Sebastián 2023 - The Practice

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