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by Javier Fesser


Los Amigos win the Spanish basketball championship for the first time but are disqualified due to Sergio’s fault, leading to their dramatic breakup. Two years later, Cecilia, an inexperienced but optimistic coach, commits to fulfilling Julio’s dream of reuniting the team. Despite a string of misfortunes associated with Cecilia’s arrival, labeled as a «jinx,» Los Amigos’ enthusiasm remains unwavering. Against all odds, they find themselves participating in a thrilling and unexpected international eSports tournament watched by millions worldwide.

international title: Championext
original title: Campeonex
country: Spain
sales agent: Latido Films
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Javier Fesser
film run: 124'
release date: ES 18/08/2023
screenplay: Javier Fesser, David Marqués, Athenea Mata
cast: Elisa Hipólito, Jesús Vidal, Gloria Ramos, Sergio Olmo, Jesús Lago, José de Luna, Fran Fuentes, Alberto Nieto Ferrández, Roberto Chinchilla, Stefan López
cinematography by: Ángel Amorós
film editing: Javi Frutos
executive producer: Álvaro Longoria, Luis Manso
production: Morena Films, Películas Pendelton
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain

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