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by Enrico Maria Artale


Julio Cesar is almost 40 years old and still lives with his mother, a Colombian woman with an explosive personality. They share practically everything: from their small house on the lagoon filled with their memories, the little cash they earn working for a local drug dealer, and a passion for salsa and merengue nights at their local. Theirs is an existence of the edge of society; loving and symbiotic, yet also oppressive, whose fragile equilibrium threatens to fall apart with the arrival of Ines, a young Colombian girl fresh from her first trip as a cocaine “mule." Between desire and jealousy, the situation quickly precipitates to the point that Julio will find himself making an extreme move, on a painful journey that will take him to his homeland for the first time.

original title: El Paraíso
country: Italy
sales agent: Bendita Film Sales
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Enrico Maria Artale
film run: 106'
release date: IT 06/06/2024
screenplay: Enrico Maria Artale
cast: Edoardo Pesce, Margarita Rosa De Francisco, Maria Del Rosario, Gabriel Montesi
cinematography by: Francesco Di Giacomo
film editing: Valeria Sapienza
art director: Laura Boni
costumes designer: Maria Cristina La Parola
producer: Matteo Rovere, Andrea Paris, Carla Altieri, Roberto De Paolis
production: Ascent Film, Young Films Productions, RAI Cinema
backing: Film Fund Luxembourg
distributor: I Wonder Pictures

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