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by Paola Cortellesi


All Delia has ever wanted was to be a wife and mother. She lives in Rome in the late 1940s – a city divided between the positive thrust of liberation and the miseries of the war that has just ended – with her husband, Ivano, and their three children. Ivano may be a harsh master; his father even more so. However, Delia has a best friend with whom to share moments of levity, and her daughter is about to get married. She accepts her fate – the good with the bad – until a mysterious letter arrives.

international title: There Is Still Tomorrow
original title: C'è ancora domani
country: Italy
sales agent: Vision Distribution
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Paola Cortellesi
film run: 118'
release date: IT 26/10/2023
screenplay: Furio Andreotti, Giulia Calenda, Paola Cortellesi
cast: Paola Cortellesi, Valerio Mastandrea, Romana Maggiora Vergano, Emanuela Fanelli, Giorgio Colangeli, Vinicio Marchioni, Alessia Barela, Francesco Centorame, Lele Vannoli, Paola Tiziana Cruciani
cinematography by: Davide Leone
film editing: Valentina Mariani
music: Lele Marchitelli
producer: Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Gangarossa
production: Wildside, Vision Distribution
distributor: Vision Distribution

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