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by Macu Machín


Three sisters living on Canary Islands find their routines transformed by a sense of magic and meditation. Each sister copes in her own way without a breadwinner expressing themselves through their body mixing realism and fantasy.

international title: The Undergrowth
original title: La hojarasca
country: Spain
sales agent: Split Screen
year: 2024
genre: documentary
directed by: Macu Machín
screenplay: Macu Machín
cast: Carmen Machín, Elsa Machín, Maura Pérez
cinematography by: José Ángel Alayón, Zhana Yordanova
film editing: Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Ariadna Ribas, Emma Tussell
music: Jonay Armas
producer: José Ángel Alayón, José M. Viña, Jamie Weiss, Jairo López
production: El Viaje Films

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