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by Dag Johan Haugerud


Two chimney sweeps living in monogamous, heterosexual marriages both end up in situations that challenge their views on sexuality and gender roles. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without himself experiencing it either as an expression of homosexual longings or infidelity. The other suddenly experiences nocturnal dreams in which he is seen as a woman. This confuses and disturbs him. He begins to wonder to what extent the gaze of others shapes his personality and whether there are aspects of himself that he has suppressed, thereby limiting himself.

international title: Sex
original title: Sex
country: Norway
sales agent: m-appeal
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Dag Johan Haugerud
film run: 125'
release date: NO 01/03/2024
screenplay: Dag Johan Haugerud
cast: Jan Gunnar Røise, Thorbjørn Harr, Siri Forberg, Birgitte Larsen
cinematography by: Cecilie Semec
film editing: Jens Christian Fodstad
art director: Tuva Hølmebakk
costumes designer: Ida Toft
music: Peder Capjon Kjellsby
producer: Yngve Saether, Hege Hauff Hvattum
executive producer: Espen Osmundsen, Kari Moen Kristiansen, Tanya Nanette Yildiz Badendyck
production: Motlys AS / Novemberfilm - A Fremantle label, Viaplay Studios
distributor: Arthaus

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