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by Pierre Creton


"Secteur 545" describes the boundaries in the Pays de Caux within which Pierre Creton, a milk quality controller, carries out his job, responding to cattle farmers’ requests for his expertise. Regular encounters lead to friendships and Pierre dares ask several questions, in particular the following: Between man and animal, what’s the difference? Once they’ve recovered from their surprise, the farmers join him in the game. The unusual nature of the responses, combined with Pierre Creton’s approach, allow us to share, amongst other totally unexpected things, a moment of humanity.

original title: Secteur 545
country: France
year: 2005
genre: documentary
directed by: Pierre Creton
film run: 105'
release date: FR 04/01/2006
screenplay: Pierre Creton
cast: Jean-François Plouard, Pierre Creton, Cécile Raynal
cinematography by: Pierre Creton
film editing: Pierre Creton, Jean-Christophe Leforestier
production: Atlante Productions
distributor: Shellac Distribution
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