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by Javier Fesser


Based on a true story, Camino is an emotional adventure set around a dazzling 11-year-old girl simultaneously faced with two completely new events in her life: falling in love and dying. Above all, Camino is a bright light capable of shining through every one of the dark doors that try to stifle her desire to live, love and find happiness once and for all.

original title: Camino
country: Spain
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Javier Fesser
film run: 143'
release date: ES 17/10/2008, DK 25/12/2009, HU 06/05/2010, SE 07/05/2010, PT 24/03/2011
screenplay: Javier Fesser
cast: Nerea Camacho, Carme Elías, Mariano Venancio, Manuela Vellés
cinematography by: Alex Catalán
film editing: Javier Fesser
art director: César Macarrón
costumes designer: Tatiana Hernández
music: Rafa Arnau, Mario Gosálvez
producer: Luis Manso, Jaume Roures
production: Películas Pendelton, The Mediapro Studio
distributor: Alta Films, Magyarhangya

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