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by Christine Dory


When Boris and Sandra meet it is love at first sight. They have nothing in common - he is an artist and illustrator, she is an estate agent - but they know they are meant for one another. Boris, however, has another fatal addiction, drugs, but Sandra is determined to come to his aid. How long can this seemingly perfect union last...?

original title: Les Inséparables
country: France
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Christine Dory
release date: FR 10/12/2008
screenplay: Christine Dory
cast: Guillaume Depardieu, Marie Vialle, Servane Ducorps, Amanda Langlet, Laurent Poitrenaux
film editing: Saskia Berthod
art director: Antoine Platteau
costumes designer: Jette Kraghede
music: Reno Isaac
producer: Martine Marignac, Maurice Tinchant
production: Pierre Grise Productions
distributor: Pierre Grise Distribution
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