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Dossier industrie: Initiatives éco-responsables et durables

Audiovisual Producers Finland annonce les premières sociétés de production sélectionnées pour la phase pilote de la boîte à outils écolo d'albert International


L’association professionnelle compte établir un outil de mesure standard applicable par toute l’industrie de l’audiovisuel finlandaise d’ici cet été

Audiovisual Producers Finland annonce les premières sociétés de production sélectionnées pour la phase pilote de la boîte à outils écolo d'albert International

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Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI, the country’s trade association for producers of audiovisual content, has announced the first five production outfits selected for the pilot phase of albert International’s eco toolkit. The association aims to make it a standard measurement tool by the summer and considers it a necessary step in the implementation of a national sustainability strategy for the film and TV industry. The pilot phase will involve the five domestic firms – Tekele Productions, Fisher King Oy, Endemol Shine Finland, Warner Bros International Television Production Finland Oy and Yleisradio (YLE) – covering a total of eight productions.

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APFI’s work on the national sustainability strategy began in the spring of 2021. There has never previously been any collated, joint data on the environmental effects of film and TV productions in Finland, thus the three-year programme (spanning 2021-2024) will concentrate first on environmental sustainability.

According to the official press release, albert International’s eco toolkit has already been chosen by over 2,000 production companies in more than 20 countries around the world. Free training on how to implement eco-friendly practices in different areas of production will be provided to the professionals involved, and productions will gain access to an online-based carbon footprint calculator to analyse their emissions.

Every firm participating will have to be committed to adopting a more eco-friendly approach. Productions will be filmed in Finland and abroad, both in studios and on location, and with the number of crew ranging from nine to several hundred staff.

Speaking about the initiative, APFI’s sustainability manager, Anne Puolanne, said: “Through the fictional and non-fictional productions, the pilot phase will give us a good overview of what kind of system albert is and what it’s like to use when ‘the eco-work’ starts on time or last minute, when the crew size varies, or if the productions are filmed in one or more countries. [...] We need to outline what kind of help and support is needed for the green transition. One important part of this is to try to think a couple of steps ahead, so I’m also reaching out to common stakeholders, such as studios: it’s better if I tell them in advance what kind of information albert Productions needs, instead of each production spending its time doing the same thing. Based on the pilot period, we will develop an information package that will benefit the productions during these first steps with albert.”

Finland’s national sustainability strategy initiative is partly being funded by a consortium of industry partners including, among others, the country’s Ministry of Education and Culture, pubcaster YLE, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Television Academy, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK and Business Finland as well as several smaller film commissions and trade unions.

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