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Lake Resia near Curon

EUFCN Location Award

This fascinating and mysterious place is situated in South Tyrol, Italy, just a few kilometers from the Austrian border, and is called Curon, hence the name of the series. Three natural lakes in Curon/Graun were joined together in 1950 to create a reservoir to produce hydro-electricity. As a consequence, the mountain village of Graun/Curon was submerged by the water. The inhabitants lost their homes and had to build a new village near the lake. The old buildings were all destroyed - except for the church tower dating from 1300. The tower rises up from Lake Resia, just in front of the new village with its hundred inhabitants. Legend has it that on certain nights you can hear the bells ringing. Nothing strange under normal circumstances, except that the bells have been removed from the tower in 1950.

The authors of the Netflix series were inspired by a compelling location and local traditions to create their fictional tale of the supernatural. There are haunting secrets lurking beneath a tranquil façade, as evoked by the surreal church tower in the midst of Lake Resia.

(Description par EUFCN et IDM Film Fund & Commission Alto Adige)

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