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Maryam Moghaddam et Behtash Sanaeeha • Co-réalisateurs de My Favourite Cake

“Pour nous, le Prix Eurimages est le premier signe que le film en fabrication est prometteur"


- Nous avons discuté avec le duo iranien pour en savoir plus sur leur nouveau projet, qui a décroché le Prix Eurimages au développement de la coproduction à Berlin

Maryam Moghaddam et Behtash Sanaeeha  • Co-réalisateurs de My Favourite Cake

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Iranian directors Maryam Moghaddam and Behtash Sanaeeha talked to Cineuropa after winning the Eurimages Co-production Development Award, which carries a €20,000 cash prize, at the recent Berlin Film Festival (see the news). The initiative is a collaboration between the Council of Europe’s Eurimages fund and a selection of co-production markets around the world.

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The directors’ new film My Favourite Cake, which is at the script stage, centres on a middle-aged woman in Iran and is currently looking for European co-partners. Last year, the directors were in competition at the Berlin Film Festival with Ballad of a White Cow [+lire aussi :
fiche film

Cineuropa: Last year, you were in competition at the Berlinale with Ballad of a White Cow; what does winning the Eurimages Co-production Development Award at Berlin now mean to you and your new film? It's a lucky festival for you guys!
Moghaddam and Behtash Sanaeeha: Yes, we were really lucky to be able to win awards at this important festival for two consecutive years. Last year, we got the Audience Award for our previous film, and this year, we won the Eurimages Award for our new project. The Berlin Film Festival is one of our favourite festivals, and we are always proud to attend it.

How will the prize help? What’s more important – the cash prize or the fact that it raises the profile of the film?
In fact, both are important. Well, of course, getting an award from the Berlinale can help any film to gain better exposure around the world, and on the other hand, the Eurimages cash prize also helps us to get further advanced in the script development and co-production process, plus all of the preparations necessary to start a film. In fact, for us, the Eurimages Award is the first sign that a promising film will be made.

Can you describe the movie in your own words?
This is a story based on the reality of the everyday lives of middle-class women in Iran, a demographic that has hardly ever found itself depicted in cinema.

You're open to making it as a co-production with any country in Europe – is this because you're aware that it's hard to bring people into Iran for filming? What services are you looking to complete in Europe?
We are looking for potential co-producers, TV partners, fund representatives, distributors and platforms. In terms of the co-production elements, we can complete the post-production anywhere in Europe. But more importantly, we are seeking resources that we can use for the shoot. And as you suggested, yes, it is difficult to bring in foreign crew members for the Iranian shoot.

What stage is the film at? Is the script complete? Have you gone out to cast yet? When do you plan to shoot?
We are currently working on the final version of the script. As we write a script, we always think of different actors and actresses for the main roles of the film, and this time it’s no different. We have already met with a number of them. Regarding the start of the shoot, we have to say that nothing has been fixed yet, but we are planning to start shooting this year.

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