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Dalma Hidasi

Producer on the move 2008 – Hungary


- Dalma Hidasi Producer on the Move

Dalma Hidasi

Born in 1970, Dalma Hidasi founded Extreme Film in 1996. After coming to attention with short films such as The Sleeper (at Locarno 2003), Lucky Man and Now You See Me, Now You Don't, which screened in international film festivals, the company produced it’s feature debut, Fluke by Tamás Keményffy (cofounder of Extreme Film), a co-production with France that will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

Cineuropa: How was Extreme Film founded?
Dalma Hidasi: A year after finishing the University of Economics in Budapest, I decided not to work as an economist. It was crystal clear that I wanted to make films so I applied to be a trainee at Eurofilm Studio, a very well-known Hungarian production company. I worked there for couple of months and in the meantime met my present partner, Tamas Kemenyffy. Right after that we started working as an "Extreme" team. And it was Tamas who suggested I apply to the University of Drama and Film, so I did. That's how it started.

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What type of films are you interested in making?
We believe in making films that can be amusing in an intelligent way. Those films that by their very high production values interest a wider range of audiences and also convey a special value, or message.

How do you choose the projects?
I would say I choose projects that can realistically be made and have some potential. I look for originality, market and festival value. Of course not only the project but the director’s personality and vision are also extremely important. If I can absolutely trust and believe in the directors then I can be easily convinced by their projects.

How did you manage to finance Fluke and how would you describe your experience co-producing?
I financed Fluke through Hungarian funding sources (public foundations, public television, our own monies) and our co-producers’ financing.

What do you think of the actual film financing system in Hungary ?
Financing a high quality Hungarian film is really not possible only from Hungarian sources. We definitely need financing from co-producers.

Do you have international perspectives involving co-producing with other European countries?
Absolutely. Since Hungarian is not a very common language, we decided to shoot our next projects in English. This means that we will need English-speaking, foreign casts. This leads naturally to our intent to make co-productions.

What is your opinion of the "new wave" of Hungarian filmmakers? Which directors would you like to work with?
I am very proud of the success of the directors of the so-called Hungarian new wave. I would like to work with directors such as Tamas Kemenyffy, Attila Szasz and Istvan Madarász.

What are your upcoming projects?
Our next two projects are Zoe, directed by Attila Szász, and Loop by István Madarász.

What do you expect from the EFP Producers on the Move initiative?
I am very happy, of course, to be selected and I hope this will be a big help for us in moving forward with our future projects.

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