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Le dernier rapport du Nordisk Film & TV Fond qualifie 2021 d’"année de dispute, de dialogue et de gloire"


- L’organisation a enregistré un nombre d’inscriptions record pour les projets de fiction, investi 126,25 millions de couronnes norvégiennes (12,83M €) et augmenté de 20% son soutien aux documentaires

Le dernier rapport du Nordisk Film & TV Fond qualifie 2021 d’"année de dispute, de dialogue et de gloire"
La série féroïenne Trom, un des projets qu’a épaulés le Nordisk Film & TV Fond en 2021

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2021 was “a year of strife, dialogue and glory”, according to the Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s latest report, published on the organisation’s official website last week. The document, released on a yearly basis, monitors the Oslo-based body’s numerous support activities aimed at Nordic audiovisual creators. In 2021, the organisation earmarked a total of 126.25 million Norwegian crowns (circa €12.83 million) for a variety of production, distribution and industry initiatives, up from 117.86 million Norwegian crowns (€11.98 million) in 2020.

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On the whole, the body confirmed its role as one of the region’s top financiers, last year racking up a record number of fiction production applications, which rose by 30% on 2020 and by 40% on 2019. Moreover, applications for drama series have more than doubled since 2019. Sixty-three applications were granted support (35 features and 28 series), for a total amount of 102.65 million Norwegian crowns (€10.44 million).

2021 also saw a 20% increase in documentary support – from 10 million Norwegian crowns (€1 million) in 2020 to 12 million Norwegian crowns (€1.22 million). Out of the 35 documentary applications (up 25% from 2020), 22 projects received the body’s backing.

On the topic of diversity, the report reveals that women producers were the biggest recipients of bursaries, but men still predominate among writers and directors, especially when it comes to feature-length productions. On a more positive note, minorities are applying for (and receiving) financial support from the organisation more and more often. Backed projects include the likes of the Faroese series Trom, the Greenlandic-set feature Kalak and the Sami-themed film Let the River Flow.

Moreover, in 2021, the fund put 8.6 million Norwegian crowns (€875,000) towards distribution and dubbing, recording a slight decrease on the 2019 investment of 9.38 million Norwegian crowns (€954,000).

The report also touches upon the brand-new Audiovisual Collaboration 2021 project, organised by the Nordisk Film & TV Fond in co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The document explains that it took into account “both online and physical discussions at major film festivals as well as other brainstorming sessions”, with a focus “on building a sustainable, competitive, forward-thinking audiovisual sector in the Nordic region, thus also supporting the aims of the Council’s Vision 2030”.

For further information, you can access the full report here.

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