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SOFIA 2017 Industrie

Annonce des projets sélectionnés pour les Sofia Meetings


- En anglais : en quatre jours, 24 projets de longs-métrages seront présentés

Annonce des projets sélectionnés pour les Sofia Meetings
Director Ralitza Petrova, who is taking part with her project Dust

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

The industry part of the Sofia International Film Festival (9-19 March), Sofia Meetings, has recently announced the 24 projects in selection. The teams behind these projects, many hailing from European countries and all of them first, second or third features, will meet with more than 150 industry executives from different parts of the world during the four-day industry event.

Here is the full list of the projects competing for awards (including both cash prizes and awards in post-production services): 

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Second Film Projects

Bedridden - Byamba Zakhya (Mongolia)
Producer: Ariunaa Tserenpil (Guru Media)

Dust - Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria)
Production: Aporia FilmworksScreening Emotions

Ginko - Gábor RohonyiMónika Mécs (Hungary)
Producer: Andras Muhi

Gaumarjos - George Varsimashvili (Georgia)

Love Your Neighbor - Sharon Bar-Ziv (Israel)
Producer: Marek Rozenbaum (Transfax Film Production) 

Nobody Likes Me - Tomáš WeinrebPetr Kazda (Czech Republic)
Producer: Guillaume De Seille (Arizona ProductionsBlack Balance, Frame Group)

One and a Half Prince [+lire aussi :
interview : Ana Lungu
fiche film
 - Ana Lungu (Romania)
Producer: Raluca Păduraru (Mandragora)

Plus Minus One Projects

Black Money for White Nights - Kristina GrozevaPetar Valchanov (Bulgaria)
Production: Abraxas Film

Going Blind - Hacı Orman (Turkey)
Producer: Nermin Aytekin (Praksis Film, Sade Cinema)

Hold - Mikel Gurrea (Iceland)
Producer: Eva Sigurdardottir (Askja Films, Irusoin)

Nights and Days - Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria)
Producer: Katya Trichkova (Contrast Films)

Protected Species - Hristo Simeonov (Bulgaria)
Producer: Katya Trichkova (Contrast Films)

Sincerely Mine (The Diary of My Holidays in Sicily) - Alfredo Covelli (France/Italy)
Producer: Dominique Marzotto (MeproducodasoloTBC Productions)

The Tentmaster's Daughter - Isabel Anderton (UK)
Producer: Christine Hartland (Patchwork Productions)

Vassilis Arvanitis - Eirini VachliotiPanagiotis Kleitharas (Greece)
Producer: Costas LabropoulosGeorge Kyriakos (View Master Films)

Projects in the Bank

Ana Indiana - Neda Morfova (Bulgaria)
Producer: Maria Metodieva (Wonderland)

Balkan Samurai - Petko Gyulchev (Bulgaria)
Producer: Galia Schtyrbeva (Izograph)

Burn with Me - Andrey Andonov (Bulgaria)
Producer: Jana Karaivanova (Egregore Films)

From Space with Love - Yassen Genadiev (Bulgaria)
Producer: Gergana Stankova (Menclips)

January - Andrey Paounov (Bulgaria)
Producer: Vanya Rainova (Portokal)

Nocturnal [+lire aussi :
interview : Nathalie Biancheri
fiche film
 - Nathalie Biancheri (UK)
Producer: Colin Day (Rickshaw Entertainment)

Plague - Jan Tesitel (Czech Republic)
Producer: Petra Oplatkova (Sirena Film)

Radio 1 - Benjamin Tuček (Czech Republic)
Producer: Daniel Tucek (Golden Dawn

Twisted World - Marius Kurkinski (Bulgaria)
Producer: Ivan Tonev (Ars Digital)

The Wind Seeker - Mihai Sofronea
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu (Libra Film)

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(Traduit de l'anglais)

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