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L’Allemagne double ses subventions en direction des séries


- En anglais : Le budget du German Motion Picture Fund a été porté à 20 millions d'euros

L’Allemagne double ses subventions en direction des séries
Monika Grütters, la ministre allemande de la Culture et des Médias

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

With the decision to increase the budget of the German Motion Picture Fund twofold, to an annual amount of €20 million, Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and the Media, intends to support the production of high-end series in Germany. “Together with the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), we have an effective form of film support that will strengthen Germany as a production ground.” For this reason, she has added €10 million to the budget of the German Motion Picture Fund, while the German Federal Film Fund II is endowed with €75 million. 

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The further development of these funding instruments is part of a strategy to comprehensively support audiovisual content such as theatrical films, series, high-end TV, VFX, animation and virtual reality. For this reason, the German Motion Picture Fund has been devolved from the Ministry of Economic Affairs upon the Minister of State for Culture and the Media.

“The increase in the amount available to the German Motion Picture Fund is a strong signal with regard to the sustainable strengthening of Germany as a production location,” comments Alexander Thies, chairman, German Producers Alliance. The recent boost in financial resources is bolstering high-end series as “probably the most important storytelling form of the future. This programme format plays a key role as an important cultural and economic asset, which is also going to promote the image of Germany beyond its own borders,” underlines Thies. 

In the coming months, the German Federal Film Fund I and II and the German Motion Picture Fund will need to be coordinated and developed further. The Producers Alliance is due to monitor the entire process and will participate in talks with the German government and parliament.

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