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La Slovaquie prépare une comédie slapstick : turn right!


- Le premier long-métrage du talent slovaque émergent Andrej Kolenčík est décrit comme "un conte de fée issu des couches sociales inférieures du capitalisme"

La Slovaquie prépare une comédie slapstick : turn right!
turn right! d'Andrej Kolenčík

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Slovakian visual artist and director Andrej Kolenčík is readying his feature-length live-action fiction debut, turn right! Kolenčík has so far directed animated, documentary and fiction films as well as music videos and adverts, and co-founded the Fest Anča International Animation Festival (see the news), where he served as programme director for six years. His debut documentary short, Star, was screened at more than 40 international festivals, reaping six awards in the process, and this was followed by a short fiction film called The Exhibition, which he co-directed and co-wrote, and another documentary short entitled Play!

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Billed as an Eastern European satirical comedy, turn right! follows 30-year-old, disabled Janko as he runs his parents’ illegal laundry (in their own flat) and falls in love. However, the story will be set in the wider context of a country shaped by a totalitarian regime and plunged into democracy, featuring a cast of characters from the lower social classes. At one point, the story was described as a “fairy tale from the lower social class of capitalism”. Kolenčík, who co-wrote the script with Juraj Šlauka, labels the film as a tragicomic slapstick comedy, noting that there will be less dialogue than in regular movies. “The film predominantly uses a visual medium. We want to emphasise the actions of our characters and situational comedy. A movie that talks through images and has very little dialogue can be screened anywhere in the world and people will understand it,” the director told Cineuropa. 

He revealed that turn right! is being planned as a low-budget project starring non-professional actors and their genuine surroundings. The writers participated in the MIDPOINT programme, where Macedonian-born, Prague-based screenwriter Ivo Trajkov helped with the script, which is currently in its final version. Mexican cinematographer Carlos Correa Reynosos, who previously collaborated with Kolenčík on Play!, is on board to lens the film. “The bonus of Carlos compared to domestic cinematographers, who are also excellent, is that he is not burdened by a local perception of our environment. This is an advantage for a visually powerful film, which is what turn right! should be. He can see familiar aspects from a different perspective,” Kolenčík added.

Kolenčík is currently in talks with a potential co-producer, and depending on the outcome, he will tweak the production and post-production schedule, which is preliminarily set for 2019-2020. 

turn right! is being produced by Slovakian outfit Cinetype and is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Slovak Literary Fund.

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