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Europe Créative nécessite "une évolution, pas une révolution"


- Lucía Recalde, chef d'unité pour le sous-programme MEDIA d'Europe Créative, et la députée européenne Petra Kammerevert ont évoqué l'avenir d'Europe Créative lors d'un débat tenu récemment à Munich

Europe Créative nécessite "une évolution, pas une révolution"
La chef d'unité pour le sous-programme MEDIA d'Europe Créative, Lucía Recalde, s'exprimant à Munich (© Creative Europe Desk Munich)

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Industry representatives from all over Germany attended a media talk entitled “The Future of Creative Europe” on 4 December in Munich. The event saw both Lucía Recalde, Head of Unit for Creative Europe MEDIA, and MEP Petra Kammerevert, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education, take the floor. Organised by the Creative Europe Desk Munich, this was a unique event where a Member of the European Commission and a Member of the European Parliament discussed the future of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. 

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While the European Commission is suggesting a total budget of €1.85 billion in its draft for Creative Europe 2021-2027, Kammerevert has more ambitious plans when it comes to financing. “The success of the programme as well as the desired expansion of further spheres of activity require at least a doubling of the budget, to €2.8 billion,” underlined the Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education. “In the creative sector, we should be focusing more on digitisation and therefore support more digital skills.”

The committee will take a final vote on the position of the European Parliament by the end of February next year. “We will start the negotiations with the Council of Europe immediately after the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 so that we can make sure that the programme will be continued straight away.” Of course, the decision-making process will depend on the negotiations on the general EU budget and whether the member states are willing to take a step forward for Europe. In the recent programme, 70% of applications had to be rejected owing to the lack of budget.

Until now, there have always been clear budget lines defined for the different sections of the Creative Europe programme. “We need to have greater flexibility because developments in the industry are happening very quickly in the digital age,” explained Recalde. One of the goals of the new programme is to make the procedures more efficient. “Creative Europe MEDIA 2021-2027 will be an evolution, not a revolution,” she stressed. The core objectives, such as training, development, creation, distribution and promotion, will also be supported in the future. However, the new programme will also foster innovation, with a focus on audiences, collaboration and networking.

Furthermore, existing actions will be consolidated and taken further. “We want to support more cinemas that show European movies,” underlines the Head of Creative Europe MEDIA. Therefore, the programme will support cinemas in smaller cities, and especially those in Eastern Europe. Last but not least, there will be a stronger focus on gender equality in the new programme. “We need data on gender in the European Commission so that we can publicise the ratio.”

Kammerevert pointed out that it is also crucial for streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to contribute to supporting European cultural variety because from now on, they will have to present at least 30% European content. “All of these initiatives are examples of the EU’s efforts to create a unique European Digital Single Market and to condition Europe for the future,” summed up the MEP. “Please communicate that it is important to vote because the next elections to the European Parliament will be setting a trend for the future of Europe.”

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