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Moving Docs lance une étude sur le public des documentaires en Europe


- L'étude, intitulée "Understanding Documentary Audiences in Europe", va aider les distributeurs de documentaires et les programmateurs de festivals à en savoir plus sur leur audience

Moving Docs lance une étude sur le public des documentaires en Europe
Silvana by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring and Christina Tsiobanelis

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

Moving Docs, a screening partnership that enables a selection of the best European documentaries to cross borders and reach new audiences, managed by the European Documentary Network and supported by Creative Europe, has launched a survey entitled "Understanding Documentary Audiences in Europe".

The survey aims to better understand the audiences for documentary films in Europe. It seeks to help Moving Docs’ partners, documentary distributors and festival programmers learn more about their audiences, and to offer practical advice about how to better reach and engage people of more diverse ages and more varied interest groups. The survey consists of 15-20 questions that can be answered online. These questions include:

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series serie
  • How often do you watch documentary films on particular platforms (eg, Netflix)?
  • What would encourage you to watch more documentary films (eg, special screenings)?
  • What factors are most/least likely to influence your decision to watch a documentary film?
  • What aspects encourage/discourage you from watching specific documentary films (eg, A Good American [+lire aussi :
    fiche film
  • What effect have particular documentaries had on you (eg, learnt about a particular issue)?
  • Basic socio-demographic information (eg, age, gender, nationality, income and education)

The survey has been launched by Moving Docs and EDN in partnership with Europa Cinemas, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Docs Barcelona, Doc Lounge, IceDocs, CineDoc Greece and the Panteion University of Greece (Pantelis Vatikiotis and Martha Michailidou), and is led by project leader Professor Huw Jones from the University of Southampton.

Below you can find direct links to the survey in seven languages:

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(Traduit de l'anglais)

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