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Sept projets pour la troisième édition de Madrid TV Pitchbox


- Ces séries en développement ont été présentées dans la capitale espagnole devant de possibles associés, collaborateurs et acheteurs, lors d'un événement organisé par la plateforme Filmarket Hub

Sept projets pour la troisième édition de Madrid TV Pitchbox
Les projets de la 3e édition de Madrid TV Pitchbox

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Today, 14 January, executives from companies such as Amazon Prime Video Spain, DeAPlaneta, Mediaset, Movistar+, RTVE, The Mediapro Studio and Viacom International Studios have been making their way to the third edition of Madrid TV Pitchbox, after being invited by the Filmarket Hub platform, an online marketplace that connects film and TV projects currently in development with companies from the audiovisual sector. This time around, seven series projects in development are being presented, and you can read more about them below.

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Anna, created by Lourdes Manzano and David R de la Mora (who will direct it), and produced by We Films, is a thriller – though it will be not be lacking in humour – based on a book by Alejandro Aymes called Si te tuviera and is made up of eight 50-minute episodes. It is about a lawyer who, just as his life could not get any better, is tempted to disregard his principles when he meets Anna, an art smuggler who drags him into a new, liberating world.

Catch the Sun will star David Verdaguer in the lead role: he will play a film director who used to be very successful ten years back, and who rises from the ashes and faces up to his OCD, his controversial past and all those who want to steal his limelight. It is a dramedy consisting of ten episodes of 30 minutes each by showrunners Joel Carnicé and Adrià Espí, who assert that it’s a cross between Fleabag and Californication but set in Barcelona at the start of the 21st century. The cast is rounded off by Oriol Pla, Elena Martín and Clara Segura, who will be directed by Marc Crehuet (The One-Eyed King [+lire aussi :
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Deporte reina is a razor-sharp comedy by Teresa Bellón and César F Calvillo, the masterminds behind gems such as the short film Una noche con Juan Diego Botto, produced by Morena TV, which kicks off with a question: what happens when a female footballer retires? The answer is simple: NOTHING. If she were a man, she would have earned so much money that she’d now be set for life (and would have a body covered in tattoos), but for girls, football only just gives them enough money to survive, and so Teresa has to go back to her job as a government civil servant – a job from which she took unpaid leave to devote herself to the sport. It will consist of ten half-hour episodes, brimming with hilarious dialogue and situations.

Las Carolinas is a project by Rebeca Serrada and Diego Zúñiga, consisting of eight 50-minute episodes blending drama and thriller. It centres on a group of transvestites in Barcelona during the 1920s, who are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the red-light district from overwhelming political repression while also grappling with their own personal dramas.

Las novias, a thriller based on a true story, is a series of eight 50-minute episodes, created by Silvia Arribas. It draws its inspiration from a news story about three 16-year-old English girlfriends who left everything behind to join Islamic State in Syria.

Meanwhile, Players, which features fantasy and thriller elements, has been written by Javi Araguz (who is also directing it) and Isabel Hierro, with support from Alidra Creative and Reacting Talent, and it lasts exactly as long as the aforementioned one. This series revolves around a gang of children who, in 1994, make a pact with a stranger who assures them he can grant them wishes; he reappears in 2020, not a day older, and plays with them again so that they can repay the outstanding debt.

Finally, the three-episode series Un hotel en la costa is also based on actual events and is an adaptation of Un hotel en la Costa Brava by Nancy Johnstone, a stubborn but brilliant English woman who, in the 1930s, decided that paradise existed and was to be found in that particular part of Spain. The actors apparently lined up for the series are Keira Knightley, Joseph Fiennes, Daniel Brühl, Stephen Fry and Álex Brandemühl. It is being directed by Barcelona-born Silvia Quer from a screenplay penned by Ferran Folch, and Isona Passola (Massa d’Or Produccions) is producing.

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