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BERGAME 2020 Film Industry Meetings

Le Bergamo Film Meeting accueille les Europe Now! Film Industry Meetings


- La 38e édition du festival (7-15 mars) va inaugurer une section industrie toute européenne ; seront présents João Nicolau, Rúnar Rúnarsson et Danis Tanović

Le Bergamo Film Meeting accueille les Europe Now! Film Industry Meetings
Les réalisateurs João Nicolau, Rúnar Rúnarsson et Danis Tanović

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The Bergamo Film Meeting, one of the biggest events on the Italian festival calendar, is this year celebrating its 38th edition (running 7-15 March) by unveiling a new and wholly European industry section. In addition to masterclasses led by guest directors, who will also form the focus of retrospectives and tributes, the Europe Now! section will now include two days of professional activities (on 13 and 14 March) known as the Film Industry Meetings, which are intended as a new platform for information, updates and networking.

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On the one hand, these Meetings will cover the opportunities offered to directors and producers by festivals, markets and training programmes funded by Creative Europe, but they will also explore the landscape of European funds and co-production funds and the instruments available to professionals in search of the best possible funding opportunities for their projects. Two days – organised in association with the Creative Europe Desk Italy, based in Turin, and AGICI (the General Association of Independent Film-Audiovisual Industries)  - which are aimed at helping young Italian authors and producers develop not only their approach towards their projects, but also the way in which they work overall. The goal is to encourage a certain openness towards Europe, at both the higher and permanent education phase and at the more operational phase of production and participation in European professional networks.

Besides the Film Industry Meetings, the traditional tribute paid by the Europe Now! section to directors working within the field of contemporary European film will this year focus on the work of three authors sensitive to the contradictions of modern-day society: João Nicolau, the Portuguese director, editor and musician, whose latest work, Technoboss [+lire aussi :
interview : João Nicolau
fiche film
, was presented to great acclaim at the Locarno Film Festival 2019; Rúnar Rúnarsson, a director and producer considered to be one of the greatest names in contemporary Icelandic cinema, and; Danis Tanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), famous for his dazzling debut film No Man’s Land (2001) who, in 2019, tried his hand at TV production, directing the crime series Success, American network HBO Europe's first original product from the Adriatic region. The entire back-catalogue of each of these authors will be screened at the festival in the presence of the latter.

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