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Une édition de Spanish Screenings–Málaga de Cine qui laisse présager de bonnes choses


- Après avoir été décalé du mois de mars à ce mois, du 17 au 20, l’événement se tiendra entièrement sur la Toile, mais ce format peut le rapprocher de plus de participants du monde entier

Une édition de Spanish Screenings–Málaga de Cine qui laisse présager de bonnes choses
Las niñas de Pilar Palomero, la gagnante de la dernière édition du festival, a été inclus dans la section Festival de Malaga Awards

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So far, COVID-19 has been the biggest factor behind the postponements of film festivals and similar events this century, and also the biggest cause of their moving online. While the 23rd edition of the Málaga Film Festival modified its initial dates from the spring – having been due to kick off just as the state of emergency was declared in Spain for health reasons – to the end of August, its MAFIZ industry event also sought better, alternative dates and an online berth (its MAFF-Málaga Festival Fund & Coproduction Event and Work in Progress sidebars have already successfully done so – see the news). Likewise, Spanish Screenings–Málaga de Cine, an event for the international promotion and marketing of Spanish audiovisual productions, gets under way this Tuesday 17 November and will unspool until the 20th, also on the internet.

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Registered visitors will be able to watch 110 films at an event that has proven crucial for boosting and promoting Spanish cinema on the international stage, organised by the Málaga Festival and City Council, in conjunction with the ICAA (Spanish Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute), ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, EGEDA and the Regional Government of Andalusia. As indicated by Juan Antonio Vigar, the director of the gathering, “The objective is to keep the Málaga Film Festival’s Industry strand going as an ideal space where the Spanish-language audiovisual sector can come together. We aim to do so by means of a rendezvous that is appropriate to the circumstances, where, given how complex it is to travel internationally, on-site activities are replaced by virtual communication, platforms and online working methods that will allow us to continue making progress in our objective: promoting, circulating and selling Spanish-language film internationally.”

Spanish Screenings–Málaga de Cine is thus organising an edition that has enjoyed a great deal of backing from the sector, which has responded to the call extremely enthusiastically, with 200 delegates from 50 countries already registered, which represents twice as many international distributors as there would have been at the previously announced and postponed March edition. Germany, Italy and Switzerland boast the highest numbers of delegates, but there is also a strong presence of representatives from places further afield, such as Taiwan, Brazil and South Korea. During the four days of the market, international buyers, sales agents, festival programmers and producers will have access to a dedicated website containing all of the information on the event (click here) and will get the opportunity to watch the most recent features as well as forthcoming films, via Veo SpanishScreenings.

For this purpose, six viewing “venues” have been created: Screenings Room, dedicated to premieres and other, recent Spanish film titles; Neo Screenings Room, with independent arthouse movies that have been selected in the Zonazine section of the Málaga Film Festival; Next from Spain Room, with promos, trailers and clips of features in pre- and post-production; Film Library, encompassing films from 2018-2020; Festival de Málaga Awards, or all of the films that won awards at the 23rd edition of the Málaga Film Festival, across its various sections; and Malaga WIP 2020, comprising Spanish features selected for the most recent edition of Málaga Work In Progress.

In addition, registered visitors will have access to the Industry Club, where a wealth of information will be provided, such as the list of participants, including their contact details, in order to enable networking, as well as the list of buyers taking part, the catalogue and other relevant documents.

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